I decided to start blogging on the advice of my husband - he thinks I need an outlet....I am an over thinker, I over analyse everything, I probably spend more time thinking about ‘stuff’ than I do actually talking to people.

I am a mother of two, wife to an overworked husband,who if I’m lucky will get 1 date night a year with and even luckier to have an adult conversation with due to the lovely two who feel it their life’s work to be involved in absolutely everything we say.

I have to have lists or I cannot function, I need to feel organised and don’t like being late for anything. Mess makes me feel stressed, heat makes me moody yet I love the sun..I hate getting lost, it panics me. I rely on my satnav to get around and have still had to call my husband at work in a panic to help navigate me through London.

My blogs will be based on what I have experienced and what I feel passionate or strongly enough about to write down and share my thoughts.